What is it?

Poetiks is web application that allows to you to analyse a poem in an easy to use interface.

The traditional way to analyse a poem is to photocopy it, mark-up the scansion (rhythm), and write annotation, highlight all over the poem, or add sticky notes. The analysis becomes an unsightly mess and is often difficult for the teacher to assess.

Poetiks makes the tasks of analysing a poem easy, eliminating common mistakes and allowing students to really understand poetry.

How does it work?

Poetiks takes the tedious work out of analysing a poem by detected the fixed stresses in words, allowing you to find the rhythm.

You can then compare different types of analyses by using our innovative layer concept, adding notes and unlocking the meaning of the poem.

Finally you can save the analyses and access it any time, or enable your teacher to see it.

Poetiks is free to try and available as an individual subscription license when you save.

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